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8 Minute Break pays homage to you, the hairdresser.

As a hairdresser, barber, makeup artist or beautician, you have a lot of business hats to juggle… creative, customer service, marketing, accounting, HR… 

Hey, but let’s be honest, you are also the counsellor, the BFF, and that person every woman confides in.

You’re always on your feet. Your breaks aren’t long, if you get one at all, and you usually find yourself cutting foil (as you’re scrolling Facebook). 

We’ve been in your hardworking shoes and we know time is scarce, on the salon floor.
Staying abreast of the latest trends, finding and managing staff, learning about new products, strategising ways to boost profit, and navigating tough economic times – it’s a full-time, multi-tasking job in itself. 

So, who are we? 

Well, we’re you, too and we’re here for you……

8 Minute Break is the digital version of the Beautopia Hair & Beauty's (formally Hair Beauty Co-op) member’s only bi-monthly magazine. 

Stay a cut above the rest… by giving us a few of your eight, invaluable minutes.

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