6 Common Questions Hairdressers ask


How do I achieve grey coverage on resistant hair?
Assess the percentage of white hair and texture. Use the resistant formulation including developer strength, processing time & mixing ratio of the colour brand .

How do I counteract Gold reflect in toning?
Always remember to tone on the level you have lightened too and counteract with the opposite reflect when toning – violet 

How do I prevent breaking base when toning?
Allow toner to air up to 5 minutes before application. Apply mid to length and ends and then use a feathering technique to apply to roots, keeping off scalp and hair line.

How many levels can the hair be lightened to with powder lightener?
When choosing your powder lightener, this will  determine the levels of lift achievable, as recommended by manufacturers instructions.

What is the best toning shampoo for my blonde clients?
Recommend either a light or strong pigmented coloured  shampoo or conditioner to suit the tone required.



What are the latest colour techniques?

Platinum Card by @tamiramae

Root Melt by @beautybymaddiehicks

Free Hand Applications 
by @_edwardsandco

Money Piece by @chrisweberhair

Balayage by @ kellymassiashair


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