Digital Marketing for Salons

Yes! Word of mouth is best...but don’t skip this.


Just because your clients do most of your ‘selling’ for you, it’s always important to have a few tools in your marketing kit. Think of these tips as your scissors, razors and brushes... your marketing must-haves.

One for each day of the week? Sunday off, of course, because you deserve a break, too.


Share your before and after photos

Who doesn’t love a good makeover? Pick a visual social media channel, like Instagram, and focus on it. Give this job to an apprentice or stylist, so you don’t interrupt your consults. Your clients will love being featured, too.


Hashtag, honey

Don’t forget to leverage hashtags, such as the location and brands you used. Ask your client if they want to be tagged on their personal profile, too.


Go ‘live’

Prefer to post content when you have a few minutes spare? Use the ‘stories’ and ‘live’ functions to share engaging, personal content. Consider interviews, product chats, and haircare advice.


Entice clients to leave Google reviews

Google reviews will help new clients choose your salon (and ‘tell’ the search engine that you’re a leading salon in your area). Offer 5 or 10% off their next cut or colour, when they present a screenshot of their Google review.


Bolster online retail orders

Use social media or your website to make retail product sales in- between client visits. Print out a VIP voucher made just for them, with a discount on a bundle of products they use.


Use SMS to stay in touch

Better still, use SMS to send messages directly to your clients, to remind them to use their voucher and make a new appointment.


Online Giveaways

Get your clients to tag a friend for a chance to win a retail pack and treatment. It is a great way to advertise your retail products and bring new clients through the door.

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