Hello Beautopia

Getting to know Beautopia, the ‘new’ Hair Beauty Co-op

You’ve heard the news and are excited about the changeover from the Co-op model. After all, over 95% of you voted for it. But you’re probably wondering, who actually is Beautopia? 

This isn’t a takeover. It’s a sale, strategically decided on (by all of us) to continue to stay competitive, under the amazing brand name that Beautopia has built over the past 16 years. 

200+ premium brands, 24 stores, and over 100 years of combined industry experience… Beautopia is not your everyday hair and beauty wholesaler. With their large industry presence, you and all our members’ interests are best served by having multiple suppliers to promote healthy competition, continuity of supply, and of course, the best possible pricing. 

Andrew Lyons, Beautopia’s Owner- Managing Director, has big plans for the Co-op’s members, hairdressers and staff. 

“The Hair Co-op model and structure will stay in place. We’re excited about introducing new brands, while extending existing ranges that are already stocked by many today. 

All in all, we believe this is a positive move, that’ll give attention and resources to the best parts of the Co-op,” Andrew shared. 

The sale was an astounding ‘yes’ from the entire Co-op team, particularly because of Beautopia’s values and vision. In our 77-year heritage, we’ve always led with our heart.

Andrew and the team believe in our industry and the impact it has on each and every Australian. It’s an essential service that needs to be protected, celebrated, honoured and grown. 

“It’s about satisfying the needs of bricks and mortar salons, as well as supporting mobile hairdressers, in-home services, and however else the today’s creative hairdresser makes a living,” 

Beautopia’s 24 stores are sprinkled across Australia, mainly on the east coast. South Australia and the Northern Territory are the only two states that the brand doesn’t have a presence. Until now. 

You undoubtedly have questions about having Beautopia as your wholesaler. 

Will I still be able to get my favourite products? 
Will the pricing change? 
What about membership fees? 
Will I still get to work with our amazing Co-op staff? 

From your side, everything will run as it always has, just under the banner of Beautopia. You’ll still be able to purchase the products you know and love, from the friendly faces of the representatives you’ve enjoyed relationships with over the years. Expect the same products and prices, if not better. 

You won’t need to renew your membership, as Beautopia will honour all existing benefits. 

CEO of Hair Beauty Co-op, Victoria Lewis said: “We couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Beautopia are making waves in our industry. We’re positive that our members will be very pleased.” 

Now bigger and better Beautopia, you’ve got an even bigger cohort of teamsters cheering for your success. 

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