Legerity Hair Beauty Cream

“How do I repair my hair?” Hairdressers, here’s what you’ll tell them.

As hairdressers, you see it all. The at-home colour gone wrong client. The “my girlfriend cut my hair” client. The “I just needed a change” client. It’s easy to assume cutting and colouring seems simple. But as hairdressers, you know it’s not.

Hair care is both science and art. It’s about investing in great hair care products and creating good daily habits. Does damaged hair grow back healthy? Yes. Does it take time? Yes.

When a woman comes in on the verge of tears, worrying what she’s going to do with her straw-like locks, give her a pep talk (and a hug). With good hair creams and hair care routines, she’ll be back rocking her long locks soon enough.

Fix, treat & show love to damaged hair

First of all, trim those sorry ends. Everyone knows a good cut can help the hair grow, so start there. Tell her (or him) to stay away from the heat tools for a little while, while the hair repairs. If that’s not possible, lower the heat on these appliances. Invest in a wide-tooth comb to help detangle the hair when it’s wet (to avoid potential damage when it’s vulnerable).

While getting a professional treatment can kick-start the growth, much of the work will happen beyond the salon chair. There are a few non-negotiable hair care products to support this – a good shampoo and conditioner, plus the Legerity Beauty Hair Cream.

This stem-regenerating, revitalising cream restores the hair with its signature BHB blend, anti-ageing properties, and all-natural ingredients. Get ready to hear “it’s the best product I’ve ever used.”

After a few weeks using the Legerity Beauty Cream and investing in healthy hair routines, your client’s hair will be unrecognisable… in a very, very good way.

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