About Us


For 76 years, we operated as Hair Beauty Co-Op, in a member-run model. Under this structure, we took home the AHIA National Wholesaler of the Year for two consecutive years (2019 & 2020), as well as the South Australian state title.

Over that three quarters of a century, the industry changed dramatically. We cast a vote across our membership to sell our trading operations, bringing us into our next chapter and keeping our business competitive.

It was a unanimous yes!

In 2021, the Hair Beauty Co-Op transformed into Beautopia Hair & Beauty. Instead of a takeover; it became a strategic connection of values – a new chapter, under the amazing brand name that Beautopia has built over the past 20 years.

200+ premium local and global brands, 24 stores, and over 100 years of combined industry experience… Beautopia is not your everyday hair and beauty wholesaler.

As a trade customer, you’ll get incredible products (that keep your clients loyal), better margins, education and workshops, and the support of an active community of hair professionals to lean on and learn from.

Now with Beautopia Hair & Beauty as your supplier, you’ve got an even bigger cohort of teamsters cheering for your success.

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