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8- Minute break…….It’s truly all you get during your busy working day to rest your feet, have a bite to eat, check your social feeds, reply to friends and…… to read an interesting article. 

At Beautopia Trade, we only exist for you……...To support you, guide you, educate you and provide the best products, so you can continue to perfect your art and most importantly delight your clients. The 8-minute break is another way we aim to be here for you. Having been in your hardworking shoes, we know your time is limited and so with only 480 seconds (8 minutes) we keep things short and sweet and to the point. 

While you don’t get to relax for long, you can learn a lot in eight minutes. Think of our magazine as your go-to source for the latest products, hairdresser stories, educational opportunities and events. In addition, we want you to make more money so we consistently offering great deals and savings across our product ranges to grow your bottom line. It’s all in one place, one magazine or one click away.

Because we want you to be the very best you can be, if there’s a specific problem you’re having in-salon, feel free to send us an email and we’ll do an article exploring the topic. It could be related to customer no-shows, expensive products, how to sell more retail products, how to make your salon stand out to name a few.

Our aim for 8-minute break is not burden you with more stuff but to utilise a few minutes of your break to share the things we know you’ll enjoy. So check your messages and notifications, then jump straight into the 8-minute break. 

Stay a cut above the rest by giving us a few minutes of your eight.

Love, Beautopia team xx



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